FOO PREMIO is available in various flavor compositions. They are manufactured, stored and bottled in our laboratory. Whether it’s fruity, tart or herbal, FOO PREMIO turns your vape experience into a sensory experience.


FOO Liquids Himmugüegeli
Strawberry with melon touch and fresh citric breeze.
Inhalt Himmelgüegeli

Vanilla Sky

FOO Liquids Vanilla Sky
Sweet, slightly smoky and herb vanilla liquid with a decent note of coffee.
FOO Fluids Vanilleround_caffe-1-e1473464701806

Mango Juice

FOO Liquids Mango Juice
Harmonized and perfectly accomplished with exotic fruity flavors.
round_mango-1-e1473464779262 round_honig-1-e1473464790787


FOO Liquids CHrütlischwur
Fresh herbs arranged in memory of a seasoned recipe.
rund_chruetli_thymian-1-e1473464902963 rund_chruetli_salbei-1-e1473464927581 rund_chruetli_anis-1-e1473464944400


FOO Liquids Waldbeer Tröimli
Fresh berries topped with sugar and cream.
Waldbeer Tröimlirund_troeimli_sahne-1-e1473465045558


FOO Liquids Alpöhi
Aromatic tabacco mix with mild creamy sweetness.
rund_alpoehi_tabak-e1473465109984 rund_alpoehi_mandel-e1473465121735 rund_alpoehi_amaretto-1-e1473465132922


FOO Liquids Maracuja
Yellow and red passion fruit melded for authentic maracuja pleasure.
FOO Fluids Maracuja gelbFOO Fluids Maracuja rot

Hawaii in the bottle

FOO Liquids Hawaii in the bottle
Fresh and bloomy hibiscus liquid with a herb note of earlgrey.
FOO Fluids Hibiskus FOO Fluids Zitrone