Matter of Taste

Taste is a complex sensory impression. During vaping, this is caused by inhaling aromas.
Aroma or smell is often confused with taste. Flavors are perceived by the sense of smell in the mouth and throat. The fine particles of aerosol then settle on the tongue and there is a sensory perception of tasting and smelling, which we call taste.

Our goal is to experience a pleasure consumption by vaping. For this we are working on a long coordination process of our FOO fluids.

We value authenticity in pure fruit creations, or a harmony of the overall impression in compositions such as “Alpöhi” or “Himugüegeli”.

The gustatory perception of a fluid is a subjective sensation.
FOO fluids are distinguished from other liquids by their complex interplay of up to 16 different flavors in a single liquid.

Through this complex composition of FOO Fluid creations and the interplay of different flavors, one begins to constantly taste new tastes and nuances.

Since each flavor component, within a FOO fluid creation, needs a different temperature to unfold, changing the power on the battery carrier (watt) results in new sensations of taste.
Thus, one and the same FOO fluid, depending on the selected cotton wool setting, release new nuances and can lead to a new vape pleasure.

Likewise, the FOO fluids in different evaporators, with different cotton wool and different windings can produce different taste sensations. Here, for example, can be played individually with the sweetness or tartness of a liquid.

That’s why it’s important to give every liquid from FOO time to get to know it, like a fine drop of wine or an old, ripe single malt whiskey.
These features make the FOO Fluids what they are – a pleasurable and fulfilling expedition and a unique steam experience.